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🆘 Support

You can get support for EcoDash on the following channels:

The Matrix and Telegram rooms are bridged toghether, meaning that users of either one can read and respond to the messages in the other.

Before asking others, you're encouraged to search for your issue in the chat history and in the repository's issues tab.

📐 Rules

The following rules apply on all support channels.

  • Be patient: since EcoDash's community is small (for now!), it might take time to get an answer that is right for you.

  • Be inclusive and polite: EcoDash's community aims to be made of all kinds of people. Help us building a diverse community by being inclusive, avoiding discrimination and political talk in general.

  • Stay on topic: support channels don't allow for discussion which is not related to EcoDash.

  • Content rules: only safe-for-work content is allowed. Content which is illegal under Italian laws is strictly forbidden.